2016 :: Less is the New More

Cam Newton has dabbed his way into the hearts of some football fans and has ruffled a few feathers as well. After the Super Bowl loss, is he still worthy of being called a role model?

Cam Newton.  STILL a role model?


Recently I re-discovered my passion for writing and a dream I had long since buried.  After a bit of a life shake-up (check out The Back Story for the juicy details) I find myself exactly where I always secretly hoped to be… five and a half years later. 

Oh, right.  And in 2016 I decided to own my shit in an even bigger and better way  –

Resolution ’16 – No New Clothes

Read below for this week’s post….#thestruggleisREAL

Super Bowl Provisions 2016

The Panthers’ hoopla did get me thinking about what is out there for the peeps who want to refresh their stash of team spirit accouterments.  My conclusion after brief stint of virtual shopping is ….there are a lot of items I am not even tempted to buy….


life will shake you up, chew you up and spit you back out

it is where you go and how you get there after that matters

stories about life and love – failure and triumph

connecting through words

laughing through life

owning your identity

Would love to hear from you! Whatcha thinking??

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